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We would love to get your under-contract properties for considerations

What we are looking for?

  • We are looking for GREAT deals anywhere in Cook county Illinois. We prefer working with motivated sellers.

  • Property MUST be off market

  • Any condition OK. Any price range OK. Any number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Single family homes, condos, town homes, multi-family buildings 


What we offer?

  • Cash offer (with proof of funds)

  • As is offer

  • Fast closing. As little as 7 days

We look at each deal you'll send our way and advise back if interested within a few days. If the deal is not a good fit for us, we'll offer to co-wholesale it with you and market it to the 500+ investors on our list. We only split assignment fee if we bring a buyer. No strings attached

Email your deals to:

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We are fair, honest and pay at closing.

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What Other Chicagoland Wholesalers Say About Us

"I've been working with Lior and his team since 2015. We did over 20 deals together and still counting. Whether he buys my properties or I co-wholesale his, the process is always fast, fair, and transparent. This makes my job much easier.

Marco Guirerra 

Chicago Wholesaler

"I started my wholesale career 12 years ago and have done over 200 wholesale deals. Working with cash buyers is not always easy and I found that many just come and go. Since I added Lior to my buyers list in May 2016, we have done 9 deals together. This is by far the most I have sold to a single buyer. These guys are fair and honest and are here to make deals. They always have a bank-logo proof of funds and their process is fast and simple. all deals closed in less than 2 weeks.

Jake Perry

Chicago Wholesaler

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with wholesalers throughout the Chicagoland area, we are often asked the following questions so we though to simply add our answers right here for your convenience. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Q: Are you looking for house flips or long hold rentals?

A: Both. Generally we are looking for a great deal. Whether its a flip or a rental, we have done great deals using both strategies. As a strategy we look at any off-market deals that comes our way because we believe that if the deal is good, we want to take part in it, short term or long.

Q: What is the minimum cash profit you are looking for in a deal?

A: Simply said, there is no such thing as a minimum profit target. This depends on the type of deal and amount of money, time, and energy invested into it. For example: We wont take on a gut rehab flip project knowing that all we can make is $30K in profit but we will take on a small rehab project for that profit. The reason is TIME. a gut rehab project may take 6 month or more making the profit insignificant compared to time spent but if we do is just paint a house and do some light TLC repair that take 2 weeks, the a $30K profit is great. 

Q: What is the minimum percentage profit you are looking for in a deal

A: This one is similar to the one above and the answer is the same. Here's why: We will gladly take on a new construction deal that can yield 20% on a $1MM deal but will not do the same for a $200K new construction deal. The reason is again TIME. we will probably spend the same amount of time on both project but while the first brings in 200K in profit, the latter brings only 20K

So the next question is percentage. A lot of times we are asked

Q: What is your preferred areas to buy?

A: As mentioned above, we buy anywhere in cook county. We have done deals in the city and in the suburbs and have no preference for one over the other. There are no parts in the city we don't go to. We cover it all, north, south west, east, and downtown. 

Q: What happens if you don't want to buy my deal?

A: first, we look into everything sent to us as long as it is off market. If we determine your deal not to be a good fit for us, we usually offer to co-wholesale it with you as it might be a perfect fit with one of the 500+ investors on our mailing list. So unless you have secured another buyer, we can work together on wholesaling it and split the assignment fee. We do not ask for exclusivity so if you get a buyer yourself you keep 100% of your assignment fee.

Q: What does your perfect deal look like?

A: This one is a GREAT question. Our perfect deal is the one we make most money on at the shortest time. Pretty obvious isn't it? What we mean by that is that we refuse to define a perfect deal because it makes us overlook other great deals. We insist to to limit what we look for to "just rentals" or " just flips" or " just wholesale" etc. By now, we know there is money in all of those so we want to take part in it. Here are some examples

1. A 2 week long wholesale deal that generated just $500 is a great deal because usually we wont spend more than just one or two hours working on it. 

2. A rental yielding 7% annually is not a great deal. But, if you have a solid tenant buyer who will purchase it in 2 years for a 10% appreciation, then its a great deal

3. Buying a greystone on a standard lot in Lincoln Park under 700K is a great deal

Email your deals to:
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