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Are You Looking to Get In the Real Estate Game?

Join Our Wholesale Team and Startup Your Investing Career Today!

Exclusive Advantages Found Nowhere Else:

  • Free training (we'll share our proven formula for easy and successful wholesaling with a true zero cash down and no credit).

  • Use of our bank proof of funds for your deals. 

  • Access to 500+ active cash buyers and thousands of standard buyers.

  • Free, off-market seller leads.

  • Access to wholesale our inventory (updates weekly).

  • 50-50 commission split paid at closing !

Contact us for more information and start your new career today

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"I've been working with Lior  and his team since 2015. We did over 20 deals together and still counting. Whether he buys my properties or I co-wholesale his, the process is always fast, fair, and transparent. This makes my job much easier.

Marco Giurerra 

Chicago Wholesaler

"I started my wholesale career 12 years ago and have done over 200 wholesale deals. Working with cash buyers is not always easy and I found that many just come and go. Since I added Lior to my buyers list in May 2016, we have done 9 deals together. This is by far the most I have sold to a single buyer. These guys are fair and honest and are here to make deals. They always have a bank-logo proof of funds and their process is fast and simple. all deals closed in less than 2 weeks.

Jake Perry

Chicago Wholesaler

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