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Co-Wholesale Our Inventory 

What is Co-Wholesale?

If you have a great buyer list but no property inventory, co-wholesale is perfect for you. As our Co-Wholesaler you get access to our under-contract inventory and can market it to your buyers. We offer to split the assignment fee with you when you bring in a qualified buyer.  This is an opportunity to take part in wholesale without the effort of signing up new deals and simply leverage your buyers list.

  • We offer a 7 day "first look" opportunity enabling you to provide your buyers with hot, off-market deals

  • Get paid at closing

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Get Deals As Soon As They Are Released and 7 Days Before They're Listed

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  • Under Market Price

  • Off Market for Seven Days

  • High Yielding Rentals 

  • Fix and Flips 

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What Other Chicagoland Wholesalers Say About Us

"I got into real estate wholesale in 2004 and over time built a huge buyers list. It's getting new deals that was challenging to me. Co-wholesaling is a great opportunity to make the best out of my buyers list by marketing other investors' deals. I recommend this to experienced wholesalers and new investors just getting in the game 

Derrick Rhodes  

Chicago Wholesale Enterprises

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